About Kansai Branch

The SCEJ Kansai Branch was founded in 1955 as a branch under the SCEJ (The Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan). The mission of the Branch is to promote the advancement of academic standards in chemical engineering and to facilitate and organize activities of key academic groups in the Kansai area covering the districts of Hokuriku to Kinki. For these purposes the Branch diligently executes both events planned by the SCEJ headquarters and activities hosted by the Branch in cooperation with research and educational institutes and companies located in the Kansai area. The activities of the Branch are organized by subcommittees, Hokuriku and Harima district communities, young members’ chapter (CES21), students’ chapter, research study groups and so on under the supervision of the executive board.


  • SCEJ branch(regional) meetings
  • SCEJ students meetings (events of SCEJ headquarters)
  • Seminars on selected topics (5-10 per year)
  • Training course for young chemical engineers (annual)
  • Technology seeds forums (biennial)
  • Informal colloquiums on industrial and academic topics (5-10 per year)
  • Visits to outstanding plants and institutes